Tradition and Culture walk hand in hand in Alcázar de San Juan. The proposal is a different experience, all those who visit Alcázar de San Juan will take in their suitcase not only photographs and memories of the city, but the memory of the experience for the senses that is the Heart of La Mancha with its delicacies. In addition to the tasty traditional dishes of La Mancha gastronomy (ratatouille, porridge, pipirrana, wedding stew, lamb, duelos y quebrantos, lemon “ensalá”…), the wines, cheese and “tortas de Alcázar”, with which the “bizcochá”, a typical dessert from Alcázar, is made, stand out.

We can find stores specialized in these products and you can even visit factories and artisan producers.

Not to be missed: throughout the year, on different dates, gastronomic days, tapas contests, samples of products such as organic pistachio or craft beer, etc. are held. Check before you travel if your travel date coincides with any of these activities!