The Gigüela River is part of the ambitious “Caminos de Agua” Program.
We travel through three provinces: Cuenca (11 towns, 83.2 kms), Toledo (6 towns, 57.8 kms) and Ciudad Real (6 towns, 97.2 kms). It describes its 238 kms distributed in four sections with the added value of linking two cities in the region, Cuenca and Ciudad Real.

To know this beautiful river in all its dimension. A silent witness to the passage of Christian repopulation troops (Order of Santiago and Order of San Juan), it has helped in the creation of villages and new settlements where man has been able to carry out his trades, has witnessed the coming and going of carts loaded with “espejuelo” in Roman times and helps to maintain large areas of wetlands creating a lake environment that gives life to many birds and wildlife.