Nightlife Route

To complete your visit in Alcazar de San Juan, we propose another different way to enjoy the essence of this place. Another way to discover Alcázar de San Juan through the NIGHTLIFE ROUTE. Along with the routes that can be done during the day, your experience can be enhanced with a Moonlight Night Route. 1. […]

Route “Flavors of Alcázar de San Juan”.

To savor and enjoy the gastronomy of Alcázar de San Juan it is essential to know the products of the land with which the delicacies of our tables have been elaborated and complemented for centuries. Three are the star products of our gastronomy: cheese, wine and “Tortas de Alcazar” (Alcazar Cakes). All these products are […]

On the street” route

What to see: – Station – Squares and streets: Calle Emilio Castelar, Plaza del Altozano, Plaza de Santa Quiteria, Plaza de la Trinidad. – Facades – Plaza: City Hall, passage and market. – Sculptures and street lamps APPROXIMATE DURATION: 3 hours DIFFICULTY: LOW ACCESS: ON FOOT For our walk we will be helped by the […]

Spiritual Route

What to see: Churches Convents Chapels Cemetery DURATION: 4 HOURS DIFFICULTY: LOW ACCESS: ON FOOT AND BY VEHICLE (to the cemetery) In this tour, you will be able to approach the religious and pious life through the numerous churches and convents that flourished at the same time as Alcázar de San Juan since the 13th […]

Route “In the footsteps of Cervantes and his time”.

What to see: Cervantes House and Plaza Baptismal font in Santa Maria Coat of arms of the Inquisition Casa del Hidalgo Museum Windmills Churches and convents Sculptures: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (town hall square), Cosmogonic Quixote, El Hidalgo and his cat, Miguel de Cervantes, Obelisk Plaza de Cervantes, Tilework in Cervantes Park, Maritormes in […]

Route “Historic Alcazar”.

The urban network of streets and alleys of the neighborhood known as Santa Maria, invite you to get lost in them and go reconstructing, one by one, the vestiges of the magnificent past of Alcazar de San Juan. The stories and legends that have given name to each of these arteries of the neighborhood brimming […]

Route through the deposits of Piédrola

Piédrola is one of the most important archaeological sites in the region of La Mancha Centro, both in territorial and chronological extension. It is currently possible to visit what has been named “Quarry C5”, located to the north of the archaeological site. It is the only milling quarry excavated and prepared for the visit in […]

Other outdoor activities

HORSEBACK RIDING C.C.E. EQUESTRIAN CLUB EL GAMONAL – Horseback Riding in the Lagoon Complex – Riding lessons MARGÓ COMPLEX – Riding school – Horseback Riding GOLF. Alcazar de San Juan has a 9-hole Pitch & Putt with 18 different tees, par 54, 1481 meters long, a course with bunkers and water hazards, a lake in […]

Route of urban natural spaces

The Alces Park is a natural space located in Alcázar de San Juan. It has an area of 200,000 square meters. It was last renovated in 1995 and has been open to the public since then. It has a great botanical diversity (cedars, cypresses, elms and exotic trees) and avian diversity (owls, pigeons, doves, hawks, […]

Gigüela River Route

The Gigüela River is part of the ambitious “Caminos de Agua” Program. We travel through three provinces: Cuenca (11 towns, 83.2 kms), Toledo (6 towns, 57.8 kms) and Ciudad Real (6 towns, 97.2 kms). It describes its 238 kms distributed in four sections with the added value of linking two cities in the region, Cuenca […]

Route through the wetlands of La Mancha

“Paradise for birds in the plains of La Mancha”. Within the large natural region of La Mancha, which extends through the provinces of Ciudad Real, Toledo and Cuenca, we find a large number of scattered wetlands with a high natural value. The endorheic complex of La Mancha gives rise to a unique aquatic landscape in […]