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Municipal Museum

This building is the union of two heritage elements of the city that have their origin in the seventeenth century. One is the remains of the old manor house of the Sanabria family and the other is what remains of the old chapel of Santo Domingo Soriano, created as a memorial by Don Diego de Sanabria.

The house has been used for different purposes, especially as an inn, until it was acquired by the city council and converted into a museum. It houses all the archaeological elements of certain interest in the city.

The current door of the municipal museum is divided into two sections. The lower one is a linteled opening, framed by a thick and broken moulding. In the upper part there is a relief that represents the noble coat of arms of the Sanabria family inside a window. On both sides there are highly decorated scrolls, pyramids, vases with flowers and very bulky plant motifs. Above this shield is a cross framed by plant motifs.

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Opening days

martes, miercoles, jueves, viernes, sabado, domingo

Exceptional closing days



MAÑANAS: martes a viernes de 11 a 14h
sábados, domingos y festivos de 12 a 14h

TARDES: martes a viernes de 17 a 21h
sábados 18h a 20h, domingos y festivos: cerrado





La visita es gratuita.

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