Alcazar Is Cervantes

Alcazar Is Cervantes

Discover the traces of Cervantes and his famous character Don Quixote.

Knowing how the noblemen of Cervantes’ time lived, touring the rooms of typical homes, immersing oneself in the philosophy of life of these knights, admiring the majesty of the windmills that Don Quixote mistook for giants or coming face to face with sculptures of the protagonists of the work, are just some of the Cervantine proposals offered by this city located in the heart of La Mancha.

Alcázar de San Juan also houses the original baptismal certificate of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, a document dating from 1558 and preserved in the Parish Church of Santa María la Mayor.

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The Madness of Don Quixote

In the month of April, "The Madness of Don Quixote" is celebrated in Alcázar de San Juan, with a wide range of activities that include literature, theater, dance, music, gastronomy, and tourism in homage to Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote.

Coinciding with the celebration of International Book Day, talks and seminars are organized in addition to the traditional Popular Reading of Don Quixote, in which all citizens participate.

In May, this program is complemented by the "Flavors Fair of the Land of Don Quixote," a unique experience to taste the Land of Don Quixote and to do wine tourism in Alcázar de San Juan. And the "Hidalgo Puppet Festival," a benchmark of quality with prestigious companies awarded at numerous festivals.


Wine and Quixotic Baptism Journey/Experience

The "Wine and Quixotic Baptism Days" offer a varied range of cultural and touristic activities to commemorate the World Day of Wine Tourism (on November 13) promoted by RECEVIN and ACEVIN, and the baptism of Miguel de Cervantes, dated November 9, 1558, according to the baptismal certificate kept in the parish of Santa María in Alcázar de San Juan.

A program designed by the Alcázar de San Juan City Council that aims to combine two very significant elements of Alcázar culture: CERVANTES AND WINE. Music, theater, dance, exhibitions, conferences, visits to wineries, wine tastings, tourist routes, literature, gastronomy, or children's activities that make the city a reference in the world of Cervantes and wine tourism.

Cervantine signs and gestures
In Alcázar de San Juan

"Signs and Cervantine Gestures in Alcázar de San Juan" is the name of an exhibition that highlights the connection between Cervantes and Don Quixote with the city. The exhibition proposal is divided into three parts: "Genealogy," which relates Miguel de Cervantes to the baptismal record preserved in the Parish of Santa María La Mayor; "Quixote and Characters," which shows the relationship between the novel's characters and real people from 16th-century Alcázar who lived in the town and appear in the novel; and "Toponymy" of places in Alcázar related to the work.



The "Network of Cervantine Cities" is born with the purpose of facilitating a greater knowledge and relationship of the places linked to Miguel de Cervantes, either by his personal presence, his connection with his work or its dissemination.


"Cervantes es el origen" is an academic and recreational initiative that seeks to generate general interest by bringing together the towns of La Mancha around their great defender: Cervantes and his works.


"Sociedad Cervantina de Alcázar de San Juan" aims to gather and promote the connection between Alcázar de San Juan and the research, study, and analysis of Cervantes' life and work.