Alcázar has been known since the 60’s of the last century as the “Heart of La Mancha” and has developed a vocation to welcome and charm those who visit us. There are ten reasons for this:


1. Getting to Alcázar is very easy from any corner of Spain, and even from abroad.

We have a privileged location, in the center of the Peninsula, just an hour and a half from Madrid. There are several means of transportation to reach Alcázar. The good connection with highways such as the A4, the A3 or the CM42 make the car one of the most used options. You can also choose the bus option, with direct links to Madrid, Toledo and Ciudad Real. And, of course, the train. Alcazar has always been an important railway hub in the connections with Andalusia and Levante, so the number of daily trains connecting with the city is very large.

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