Marmurán Gallery

Marmurán is a space for art, which offers its headquarters to all those interested in art and collecting.

Isidro Parra Foundation

The Isidro Parra Foundation was created from the express wish of the artist Isidro Parra with all his legacy: paintings, engravings, sculptures, graphic and editorial projects, reliefs, objects, collages, artist’s books…

José Luis Samper Museum

José Luis Samper, Favorite Son of Alcázar de San Juan, has been able to capture through his brushes a La Mancha land almost unknown nowadays.

Manchego Costume Museum

Managed by the Cultural Association of Choirs and Dances, and located at its headquarters, this Museum exhibits different complete costumes on mannequins, the representative clothing used at the end of the 20th century. XIX and early s. XX, in Alcázar de San Juan.

City Hall

The building, which today is the City Hall, was the headquarters and property of the Casino of Alcázar de San Juan, also called Casino Principal and sometimes Casino Primitivo.

Santa Clara Convent

The Convent of Santa Clara was built in the sixteenth century next to the Hermitage of the Immaculate Conception, now disappeared, and housed the Poor Clare nuns until 1868.

Railroad Museum

Inaugurated in May 1985 as the National Railway Museum, it is located on the grounds of the RENFE Station, and is managed by the Association of Friends of the Railway.