The public reading system of Alcázar de San Juan was launched by the City Council in the early fifties in the twentieth century, as one of the most important cultural initiatives of the city at that time, but it was not the only one. Along with this, other initiatives appeared such as the installation of the collection of local Roman mosaics in the Archaeological Museum “Fray Juan Cobo”, the convening of the current International Exhibition of Painting and the current International Folklore Festival to name just a few. Reading had previously been promoted in the population from two spheres: through the semi-public, with the library that began to operate in the Casino of Alcázar, and through a private initiative, that of a private lending library that lent and collected books from its users. Then came the Municipal Public Library “Miguel de Cervantes”, which for two decades was installed in the main tower of the Mercado de Abastos building built in 1953. During that time the Library, as the only element of cultural action of the population, gathered all kinds of cultural manifestations: recitals, theater, concerts, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, etc.

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